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What to Expect from Bromelain

Arnika Forte

Made by the same manufacturer of Hyalogy and Hydro-Q, Arnika Forte is a product of DermAvance. Arnika Forte leverages bromelain to reduce bruising and swelling following medical procedures, such as KYBELLA injections.

Naturally sourced from the stem of pineapples, bromelain is an enzyme used in the medication. The substance bromelain has been reported in the literature to exhibit anti-inflammatory effect that decrease swelling,and prevent muscle soreness. It serves as a valuable enzyme to use when recovering from a surgery or injury.
Bromelain can be applied as a topical formula or consumed.
As a precaution, patients should understand that some side effects may occur. For example, bromelain can cause stomach and discomfort. Similarly, some individuals have reported allergic reactions. All individuals planning on using or consuming bromelain should consult with their physician to ensure safe use based on their personal condition.

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